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Friends and Comrades


I am writing to inform you that Comrade Akhtar Hussain General Secretary Workers Party Pakistan has been elected Vice Chairman, as an elected head of the Pakistan Bar Council . Akhtar Hussain started progressive politics in his student life and elected president student union Law College Karachi University in 1971-72. He was also elected Vice President National Students Federation (NSF) a country wide Progressive Students Organisation.


He started legal practice in 1973 and joined Marxist Movement. He remained leader of the Communist League Pakistan along with comrades Fasih-Ul-Din Salaar, Dr Hasaan, Lal Bukhsh Rind and others. After demise of Soviet Union, he started integrating left political parties, groups and individuals. For the last two decades, he along with other comrades of the WPP working to unify the communist, socialist, progressive and ant-imperialist forces in the country. After the demise of Soviet Union and the disintegration of socialist and communist forces in Pakistan, the WPP has been an integral part of sincere and serious attempts to unite the Left forces in Pakistan.


The process of integration began in late 1980s. Detailed ideological and organisational discussions took place throughout 1990s and in 1999, a number of Left groups, including Pakistan Socialist Party, Awami Jamoohri Party (Peoples Democratic Party) and Pakistan National Party merged to form the National Workers Party Pakistan.  In addition, a number of trade union, student, women and peasant groups and individuals joined the Party. The quest for consolidating the Left forces continued. Comrade Akhter Hussain was elected its general secretary.


In 2010, five progressive, Marxist and leftist political parties, namely National Workers Party Pakistan, Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party (Communist Workers and Peasants Party) Pakistan, Peoples Rights Movement Pakistan (Peoples Resistance), Watan Dost Mazdoor Federation (Patriotic Labour Federation) and Awami Mazdoor Anjuman (Peoples Labour Association), along with a number of other progressive democratic groups operating in the different regions of the Pakistan, anti-imperialist intellectuals, trade unionists and enlightened youth, after a series of meetings, discussions and debates have decided on 20-21 March 2010 to merge into a single political party called Workers Party Pakistan. Comrade Akhter Hussain elected as General Secretary and Abid Hassan Minto as President of the WPP.


In his legal carrier, he was elected as General Secretary of the Karachi Bar Association, second largest Bar in Pakistan for the year 1984-1985. He was elected twice as Member of the Provincial (Sindh) Bar Council, a Statutory Body for seven (07) years from 1993 to 1999. He was elected Vice Chairman, as an elected head of the Bar Council for the year 1997 and so also Chairman Legal Education Committee for years 1996-1999. He wasalso elected as President of the Sindh High Court Bar Association in the year 2004-2005.


He was elected thrice Bureau Member of IADL (International Association of Democratic Lawyers) in Havana, Paris and Hanoi Congresses also as Deputy Secretary General of IADL 2004-2009.


He is teaching Constitutional History of Pakistan in Law College, University of Karachi as Professor of Law.

Best regards

Pervez Fateh
Leeds, UK
Cell: +44 (0)795 854 1672